Poem -

Are You Even Living?

Laptops are a lifeline and tablets are painkillers.

Cell phones are the machines that go beep… beep,

When your life is wasting away in that hospital bed.

Take any away and you're dead.

When the wifi goes down,

You’re about to drown,

Because it was keeping you connected,

Like a scuba mask,

Reaching to the surface.

Are you even living,

If the only thing keeping you alive

Can die in a matter of hours?

Are you even living,

If the only way to function,

Sometimes doesn’t work itself?

The power goes out,

And begins a drought,

Of cell phone activity.

Boardgames are dusted off,

And families come together,

Crowded around the flickers

Of candles in the darkness.

Are you living now?


The withdrawal creeps in,

And soon you're an aching shell,

Longing for social media,

And video games.

Your heart rate is dropping faster and faster.

Any minute now…

You flatline.

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Deborah Evans

Hi TheGreyJJ A very creative piece relevant in today s society 
Great subject matter, hinting to the fact we rely on technology 
too much maybe these days
Great write I enjoyed!  
Welcome to Cosmo 
Best wishes Debs