Poem -



Lost souls that linger,
Cling onto all that once was,
Memories that echo,
Upon the twilight years,

For the moment,
Disappeared along time ago,
In the passage of time,
Into the abyss,

Now, sadness falls upon me,
When I think of all that once was,
All that I miss,

All those that have come and gone,
Thoughts of you cover me,
Like a flickering time bomb,
Ready to explode,
Erode all that once was,

All those wonderful memories,
Kept safe and cherished,
Safe in this heart of mine,
As I watch them come and go,
In the dust clouds of time,

I know there is only myself left,
I am the last star of the show,
For I can hear the final curtain call,
I can hear the final whistle blow,

Left alone in the midst of sorrow,
A sad departure,
Holding onto nothing but memories,
Of you and I,
Ruptures into my heart,
As another departure falls upon me,