Poem -

Arthenia's Birthday

Dedicated to Arthenia Johnson (1955-2018) who died on August 3, 2018.

Arthenia's Birthday

Today would've been Arthenia's birthday if she hadn't died.
Last year, I lost my aunt and my uncle lost his bride.
Arthenia died in 2018 and she was born in 1955.
She'd be celebrating her birthday if she was alive.

Arthenia's life was saved when she had open heart surgery several years ago.
But if you're wondering if surgery could've saved her again, the answer is no.
Arthenia lost her life, sadly, it's true.
She left this world at the age of 62.


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Cherie Leigh

Awww...That was too young..I am sorry for your loss....Life is so unpredictable.  We best appreciate every day we are given...xo ;)


A lovely dedication to someone who clearly meant a lot to you..A lovely piece Randy!