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Tenaciously holding on her shadows,,,
Eyes at 90°, fixed on all the love windows

Both my hands are grasping her soul as it vapour
The same hands want to stop the windows as they close with the better.
My strained mind can't deal with this matter.

Just one mistake, she sets everything ablaze.
our love is fading with the burning ashes,
Nothing left for me to gaze, but just burnt love which left dark smoke on my lashes.

Smoke rising above, with black hearts, its a sign of burnt love. Flowing tears can't quench the fire. This is not what I wanted, it wasn't my desire.

Everything transpiring in my sight,
With love expiring in my heart.

I still shout "I Love You", but she's not there to say "Love you too".The love we had is lost.Ashes are buried in my heart, Her moving shadows dim my bright light.

_"I still hold on those shadows of your past glory._
_I know I have wronged you, forgive me, I'm sorry ."_

@Pies_negros 01 August 21:07

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