Poem -

Au lion d'or

The golden lion

Au lion d'or

In the bed one sleeps ( au lit on dort)
head full of dreams tète
Devine language weeps (medu-netjur)
intuition feeds
The au lion's d'or ambition to succeed

Wherein that one stands awakened,
It's other lay sleeping in bed; all weak...
The weeping tongue now opened,
The heart becomes sought to recommend.
The golden shelled lions ability to heal and mend thoughts and emotions that shall be the lunar sun of light at the end.

When the sun and moon collide, in another plane only seen by a fulfilled heart and mind.
The completion of the depletion of what makes us so truly Devine.

Logical and creative sides now forever combined
So bliss (god) and eso (goddess) can forever equally shine.


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Derani Moore

Fantastic poem, deep and meaningful from the heart.