Poem -

A’woo...ing thru the night

A’woo...ing thru the night

Woeful whisper’s a’woo....ing thru the night, this ghostly apparition wants to fright 
Smearing foul stains whist rattling heavy chains, his bellowing bawls waxes & wanes

He hides in crevices as he creaks & groans, such scarey soulful mournful moans
Shall this saddening soul ever seek solitary solace, as he endlessly spooks in his appalling aweless

As he glides elevated he screeches his calls through the crumbled, creepy castle walls
Lost like a moment captured in time, his spiritual soul so snared 

Goulishly grotesque, so unnervingly unkind, definately not for one to find
Call a clairvouyant, get a ghostbuster, unleash his spirit to the yonder light lustre