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Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle

Oh how I love to visit Bamburgh castle on the coast
It’s a beautiful historic building that North Northumberland can boast

Whilst it sits upon the shores looking out towards the sea
I stroll the sands behind it’s walls,
This enchanting castle impresses 

Such a majestic, momentous building
An English castle in all it’s glory
Built by Nomans in bygone days
To defend the coastal territory

One marvels at the architect & ability in years gone by
The turrets & the stonework etching
It cannot fail to catch one’s eye

How on Earth did they manage this
No modern machinery like today
With only horsepower & hundreds of men 
So ingenius I have to say

This magnificent stronghold
Has stood the test of time
A reminiscence of bloody battles
This castle was significant in it’s prime

Built in the 11th century
In perfect pristine condition
A breathtaking landmark in the British Isles
An outstanding limited edition


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

HI Jill.  I love castles and Bamburgh castle sounds lovely....The Normans had style..lol  Wish we built like that today.....such a great preservation of history and architectural ingenuity....Thank you for sharing...makes me want to see it too!  Lol  xo ;)

Jill Tait

I was born 3 miles from it, live 30 mins away n sisters, brothers still live nr it so I pass it lots, its stunning!!! Thank you luv xx

Terry Kay

Jill, I read you were born 3 miles from this beauty. how lovely. looks like it would have been a great destination for a bike ride...loved your poem...Terry Kay 

Jill Tait

Yes was still see it weekly its besutiful xx Thank you kindly x