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Be thankful

Be thankful

I surround myself by bricks and mortar, heated pipes and abundance of water and yet I regret to think there are others out in the cold with lack of covers, lack of food and hope.
I stand before my back door, ushering my dog back into the warmth, I cannot cope, no families or friends to turn to in need, who else is there to help out?  They’re imprisoned, I am free.
Survival in its truest form, out under the stars unbearable, whilst I am at home in the warm, deciding on what film to watch, what meal shall I have tonight?  Whilst they struggle on, immeasurable.
We take for granted our paths we have took, when if we stand back and actually take a look, we have more than most, a roof over our head, food in our stomachs and a place to lay our head!
Be grateful for your fortunes, however slim they may be, there are others who suffer who are worst than you and me.


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Edward Williams

Very thoughtful if every one felt like that the word would be a better place nice work simon