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Beneath the earth in scum and squalor,
Flesh consumed still alive and holler,
Bleeding out as darkness falls,
Devoured and torn midst angst and calls.

Wretched and pulled below the soil,
Mangled torso and spine in coil,
Snapped and broken in ravenous lunch,
Sharp teeth to bone in cankerous crunch.

Feast before a malevolent cast,
Preying on pain till breath is last.
Orchestra of groans and twisted laugh,
Innocent befell Beelzebub’s wrath.

Maggot infested corpse in peace,
Buried long ago, now a critters feast,
Propped up by a puppeteer of woes,
Hidden darkness dismantling foes.

Foes of light and Christian belief,
It sniggers and waits, a malicious thief,
Unclean spirit of pitiful realm,
Evil protrudes with man at the helm.


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Gerard McGowan

Love this, it's so twisted, demons surfacing into man's hands to torture and rape, it has been an excuse of man for years as a means to escape prosecution from his vile crimes.