Poem -

Beauty holds them all.

Could his eyes be more caring, they smile as often as his face

The light within them seems to be more prominent than grace

His warming gestures
Cloud my mind
With tender thoughts
And loves reside

To climb within them to view the world, the beauty there inside

for what type of flower
Would he then recall

For the rose is beautiful
Though beauty holds them all

And if I viewed such a garden, would it be a meadow fair

By some woven River
Side, would I of course be there

If he had loved the concept of love, and lay down by some rushing tide

would I become what he was after
And some day make his bride

For such thoughts he brings my way, and in his eyes I see his soul

And in my heart I feel his heart complete within
Its role

They say that soulmates
Never part, not through space or given time

My love for his reciprocating, for i am yours and you are mine.

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