Poem -


So we search for new life
In the cosmos up high
Yet kill every creatureΒ 
That dares to fly by

We tell oh so cute stories
Of pigs cows and sheep
Animal hero's
That our children may sleep

Yet we slaughter in millions
Those innocent souls
Shed we no tears
As we fill up our bowls

And we love every child
As long as it's ours
Never a thought
For the warchild who cowers

We send off our soldiers
To be blown up and bombed
Bemoan their loss
Too late when they,re gone

We value all life
For equal we are
Yet step over the homeless
Who sleep under stars

And as I wonder and ponder
Humanitys throng
I know deep inside
That we got it all wrong.
Marion Price

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Marion Price

Thankyou Simon...yes, the humanhbeings puzzle me greatly...appreciate your comment 😊