Poem -

Bitter Sweet Reunion

Bitter Sweet Reunion

In 2017, after five years of no information about my son's whereabouts, he was brought back to Australia. I had last seen him when he was 3 and a half.


Magic breaks the ice

chilled lovingly by her

whose intravenous nurture

kept you clinically dead

You’re a gem my boy

Such crystal may not melt

but it has a resilience

that dazzles in the sunlight

Forged of both qamr and shams

you shall use those furnace eyes

to blaze a story of permanence

into the sands of being

and the ways of seeing

picking up from

where you once began

as your innate magma

morphs into a man


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Tony Taylor

Hey AL!!...... there are some blisteringly memorable phrases throughout this piece ~

            ~ "You shall use those furnace eyes
                 To blaze a story of permanence....."

There's an intensity to this tragically  poetic tale of loss and recovery that sears its way into the minds eye!!......ALL STARS!!...... well done dear poet brother!!!..... and..... in case no one has said so.......WELCOME to COSMO!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤


al Bikaadi

Thank you so much Tony!!!!

Peace and prosperity =]