Poem -


The horror of life
Washed over him
Seeped into every pore
Attacked from the inside 
And out

Crawled about him
On the floor
More creeping in
From under the door

Bled into him

He opened an artery

Bled it back out.
Marion Price (2019)

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Tony Taylor

WOW!!.... this is an intensely descriptive poetic portrayal of suicide...... delivered most powerfully with the succinctness that sends it directly into the realm profundity and poetic achievement!!.......ALL STARS!!! & PINNED!!...... well conceived and BEAUTIFULLY delivered!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo. : )

Marion Price

So glad you liked it Tony, thankyou, sincerely 💕

Cherie Leigh

Whoa!  That is one way to describe the overwhelming feeling that needs release and the bleeding out that feels like the only solution...a final one with no way back...so sad....Powerful imagery.  xo ;)

Marion Price

I wanted to try to portray a certain numbness and lack of feeling for some people at the very end once the final decision is made. Many of us have been close in our lives I think, just one take on a terrible illness.
On a brighter note, happy birthday my friend, I hope your day is filled with treasures 💕