Poem -

Bleeding cage

Bleeding cage

A Bleeding cage"
dripping all my rage,
Filling inn all spaces 
Bringing topics
With different faces
And a period
In the end"
Of all pages"
Dramatic scenes 
And Silent stages. 

Draining the pain
From yesterday pouring rain

Spelling out that...
That Memories arrive 
in a angry train.

Squeezing force 
Forcing out the last drop.
And excessive writing took 
what once took just a look.

mostly blisters 
in fingers forming.
Or aggressive paper cuts 
That had band-aids 
Bleeding and could not stop. 

I wrote heaven"
And wrote to hell"
Even writings
Could not tell.

poems were written
My words were forming her letters.
And Bleeding out took place
Always With a divine feather.

That made sense
Through sentences.
My life print was a Long autograph
Longer then any one paragraph.
Soon i drained completely
And The end of chapter was yet complete
But the end of story had no finish....

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Marion Price

Wow...just loved this...fantastic!! 🌹🌹


Thank you so much sister poet.
I'm warmed by your words.. God bless