Poem -

Blood Red


Blood Red

They fought for our country
For freedom of speech
Were bombed in the trenches
Gunned down on the beach
Innocent lives were democracy's price
Rotten with gangrene
Riddled with lice
Thousands 'pon thousands
Sent to be killed
The Poppy. The symbol
Of all the blood spilled
Proudly we wear it
With sadness and pride
The mark of respect
For those who died
It's colour is RED
Let it be
And remember our dead
With dignity

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Donna Walton

Thank you Marion, I felt so strongly about the colour change that I had to say something. This is a tradition that must live on forever.

Cherie Leigh

HI Donna...The Poppy is the perfect flower to represent those who have lost lives in wars...the red that stands out.....with honor and passion and of the blood.....very powerful write!  xo ;)

Donna Walton

Thank you Cherie. I rarely use my poetry for political platform but in this instance I felt too strongly to ignore this issue.
Some things must remain the same throughout history in order that we never forget the cost of our freedom.
I am genuinely worried about the need to 'own' things by colour branding. There is a line from my poem 'Inequality' that is pertinent here too...…
"The jump from equality isn't that far before it risks turning to greed."