Poem -

Bloom away

I often daydream since I met you.
I think of your kisses, your hugs and your laugh too.
I think of you smiling and every time I do,
I know you can feel it and you can see me through.
My hearts skips a beat,
I feel the butterflies.
Even if I wanted I couldn't hide, I couldn't lie.
 In each one of my dreams, You're the one I wish I have.
And every single morning you're the first thought I rise.
If I was in hell and you were there it would be heaven.
If I was a drip you would be ocean.
I know that picking up a pretty flower it's killing it. 
So I all I want is watch it bloom, more beautiful each day.
I know deep inside,
This is as good as it can get.
I don't need anything,
If you're with me every sunset.

You own my heart forever.
Even if we're not together.