Poem -

One Kiss Away From Heaven

One Kiss Away From Heaven

The sun shine but I'm cold.
I was falling but no one to hold.
I never felt so alone.
A break into my heart you broke into my soul.
Here I am in my head again.
Stuck in my mind laying on my bed.
The storm has gone finally.
You came for me, 
Like angel so heavenly.
You're my safe place you're my sweet thing. 
The sunshine when its raining.

You're a better tomorrow, 
a reason to grow old, 
a reason to come home, 
the perfume on my clothes, 
the pictures on my walls.
And Every kiss feels like the first one.
Like a first date,
like a first climb, 
like a first line.

I wish that I could stop time.
When I'm all yours and you're all mine.

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A lovely, romantic and thoroughly enjoyable read..Like this very much! Lodigiana x


Beautiful!! I could feel the emotion and love. This was a lovely write! Also I saw that you're a bartender, so am I! About 2 years in and loving it! Nice to meet you and welcome.

Samia Elbai

Thanks ! Yeah I'm hoping to get this into a song !

Djangos Daughter

Lovely write Samia. Very well expressed. Look forward to reading more. DD.