Poem -



Leaves are cracking under the steps of your feet. You're pacing. Back and forth.
Don't mind my pacing, you said.
You make me nervous, you added.
The leaves are cracking while I am standing still, leaning on a tree. It is quiet out here. My whole world is listening to your apology.

You are the ocean when you ask for forgivness. You ask me to forgive the way you flooded my forest and let it lost at sea. You push and pull, but don't know how to let people go.
You are the universe when you say you didn't mean to play with me.
You know you attracted me in your solar system, I was spinning around you, and now I am feeling dizzy.
trapped in your system, but unable to reach you. Forced to play by your rules.
It is more than physical attraction, the sparks of our neurons are creating an emotional intelligence connection.
You didn't see it coming. Our brains were teasing each other while our hearts were pretending it was all about science and philosophy.

You shaked my whole world. And now my dark forest is flooded on the moon. 
And you're pacing. Back and forth. And I can't believe my trees are making you nervous.
I am standng still, but don't ever think it is the reflecton of a calm soul, 
your blue ocean eyes as deep as the universe disarmed me,
but your pacing somehow soothes me.

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