Poem -



Hunting shadows murkiness deep,
Labyrinth vast in nightmare’s keep.
Hell has no power over this beast,
For demons among flesh to feast.

Favoring no life all tis to claim,
Not even fallen whisper this name.
Flat black eyes savor a thrill,
Callous apparition intent to kill.

Preying on innocence of a child,
In dreams frightfully reviled.
Talons skew victims in place,
instrumental to filch bits of face.

Choices, choices ears, or nose,
Unsure which one first goes?
Skin flayed with intricate care,
To outwit him, you haven't a prayer.

Strips of sinew festive jerky,
Processed like a holiday turkey.
No remorse, no humanity,
Boogeyman fosters brutality.

A fairytale cast for submissive behavior,
Unknown you're doing a favor.
Legends uttered for wicked fright,
Sentience occurs, beyond veils benight.

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Gerard McGowan

Love it, the boogeyman is one entity I wouldn't like to meet.

Great poetry. 


Wickedly scarey and dark. Loved this loads.