Poem -

Zing went my heart strings💗

Zing went my heart strings💗

Zing went my heart strings as I looked into your tiny face
You hadn’t got a clue tho you would feel my warm embrace

As I cuddled you & caressed your little body so close to me
I sang to you sweet lullabys so quietly as can be

Tho you were only newborn you gazed into my eyes
Your blue peepers opened so wide as if trying to recognise

I rocked you back & forth as I sang the same melody
I could feel your little body sinking heavily into me

I hushed your tiny whimpers
I soothed your sleepy sighs
as I sang you songs my Mammy sang to me from years gone by

You had succumbed to dreamyland as your eyelids did a-flutter
I watched your rosy red lips blow little bubbles with a splutter

Adoration with elation is exactly what I felt
I placed you carefully into your wooden crib & tucked you in as I knelt

I silently stood staring at your beautiful silhoutte sight
Then with aglow in my happy heart
I switched on your nightlight

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