Poem -

Bright Soul

Bright Soul

Walking along a warm sandy beach,
Seeing a beautiful sunset in your eyes,
A fiery Seoul; enthusiastic flames burning in your heart,

Holding your warm hand,
Seeing you smile,
Dancing in the ocean waves; Laughing without a care,

Singing to guitar strings;
Floating in yesterday's memories,
Brightening my life,

Warming my heart,
Lifting me up,
With a Soul brighter than any sunrise.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

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Ron Chapman

천단비 Chun Dan (Just like the first time) Let's Hold Hands Tightly and Watch The Sunset OST 3 Lyric


Cherie Leigh

Beautiful Ron....It makes me want to be at the beach...(I actually will be in a couple of weeks on my honeymoon with Tony,..lol) but your poem made me envision the lovely romp...and I love the bit about the guitar strings and singing...What a peaceful scene of love....Love the title too....had to pin this one for how it made me feel while reading. xo ;)

Ron Chapman

Hi, Cherie...

Yay! congrats on your honeymoon. Enjoy your romp at the beach.

This piece was actually inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago.
The guitar strings came from a memory of a friend of mine, ] SunKyum (선겸)
playing her guitar at the beach. 
Live] SunKyum (선겸) - Reconciliation Song (화해가)

Thanks for the pin and again have lots of fun romping on the beach with Tony...
xo Ron