Poem -


I’m not the same person you broke,
I’m new and now I am woke.
Picking up the pieces that will never fix,
I can say I tried, my feelings are a mix,
Of pain and suffering and anger and joy,
You constantly played with my feelings like a toy.
But the difference is a toddler doesn’t know what’s right or wrong,
Everyday you hurt me, you knew what you were doing all along.
I can’t seem to put my finger on what is wrong, 
Because there’s so much that is always going on.
You’re seeing someone else and I’ve got to move on.
But how do I move on when I lost three people at once.
You came back and I said I’d give you another chance,
I still needed my date for our prom night dance.
We promised no matter what that we’d go together,
Thinking that our relationship was going to last forever.
But what can I say, I got mugged off again.
By now it’s no surprise to my readers.
We were a pair, we didn’t need no leaders.
Because whatever we came across we took together 
Before our relationship was as flimsy as a feather.
I hope this horrible, painful feeling doesn’t last longer than forever.
We don’t talk much now, but no matter what I’ll never say never.

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WOW!! Amazing poem!! I loved the description!