Poem -



Oh will you burn this way ? 
Under that bridge of no remorse 
Creek split and the ego flowed 
The sirens near alarmed my ears 
The smoke induced my senses 
I met God many a times above hell 
Now      and      Then       
embers come back to life 
A footpath gone astray , near the weathered lions head under the dogwood brute     What a waste to burn this world down    Again a man will ignite a road only to engulf the world around 


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Dean Kuch

G'day, Phar Awaye.
I hope all is well with you.
Like cutting off your nose to spite your face, yes?
Your poem is an interesting metaphor for those forks in the road we often encounter along life's highways and bi-ways.
I prefer to take the roads less traveled. There are far fewer people there to get in your way and impede your progress. The element of danger and the unknown involved makes life interesting.
Nicely penned, brother poet, as per your usual.