Poem -

But Admired...

But Admired...

His success came from sweat and tears
He toiled his entire life facing his fears
As he lay dying...
Loved ones holding his hand
But admired far off by his banker
Soon to own his land

She labored in her exhaustion trying to give birth
Her cries left unanswered expiring in her worth
In her death lying
No medical team could save
But admired by the insurance agent
Who’s billing money would take

Looking both ways before crossing the street
His parents both taught him before moving his feet
As the vehicle hit him
Brief pain then unconsciousness became his eternal playground 
But admired by all family as they unplugged the machine sound

So excited was she at her first time babysitting 
A perfect evening... no child running or hitting
For she forgot one window
To latch and secure
But admired by the rapist as he entered the house with an unobstructed view

As humans by selfish nature in our live’s do act
Whether in life or in death not escaping this fact
Here by one, saved by another 
But admired by fallen angels as they direct affairs and other

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