Poem -

By Your Side

By Your Side

I sit by your side and memories swirl
The sweet and the tart
Those more precious than a pearl

I pace back and forth and start to despair
The light leaves your eyes
See how dull and lank is your hair?

I wake up at night softly weeping
No, I’m not your cousin, your dear aunt or uncle
Gone now are your days of running and leaping

I stand next to you gently reminding
It’s me, your first born, don’t you know your own daughter?
I talk to myself more than you, I am finding

I curl in a ball and prepare for the end;
A long battle it’s been. A sad journey ahead
Be jolly, be safe, it’s just around the bend

I clutch at your hand, selfishly numb
I know what would happen, but you’re gone, you’re done
I didn’t expect it to feel like this, is that dumb?

I cry out to God, questions floating
How is this fair, I feel alone, I feel empty
I feel disconnected, I feel like I’m boating

I sit by your side, you encased in wood
I miss you, I love you, stay by my side for now
This time of ours, it’s been… good.

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