Poem -

Can you see me


Can you see me

Days keep appearing as a darken path
a quietness fullfilling my existance to my sanity

while my insanity shows a controlled madness as i play in my dust to dust...with no regrets...to every step.

Some days leave me questioning or rather asking ...why am i choosen to this nonesense...nonelife..of nothingness

Painfully my Patience turns into the patterns of the day...as moments kills every moment like a dry cry.

As Madness greets my 
Craziness performing  in its laughter of....a drug... while intoxication never disappoints the paranormal ...thinker.

Can you see ...Me...


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Katina Woodruff...

Interesting metaphors. I also enjoyed the tone. Great sense of rhyme. It reads abstract to me in many ways. I read it twice to fully grasp the meaning. 

Favorite Lines: 

Painfully my Patience turns into the patterns of the day...as moments kills every moment like a dry cry.

I like how you mention patients and patterns, that is like writing a poem for the first time, when the emotion is fresh, the words just flow out. We use our literary brain to edit, but the best poems I've read come from a much deeper place. I felt a longing in the poem, for inspiration, for change and for more excitement in your life. That's how I read it. Good job.

I'm taking a journey today, I'll try to read as many of your poems as I can. 

Tony Taylor

Sir LORRIS!!....what an engaging and truly poetic piece of prose you've offered up here........I LOVE the way you formatted this... essentially separated your ideas with it!!...... fun stuff dear poet brother!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo.  : )

Cherie Leigh

Hey Lorris...I see you!  Lol...It's good to be crazy like on a drug....The world needs more wackiness...  ;)  xo

Terry Kay

Lorris,  Really nice write. Love, Terry Kay

Lorris Morris

can you see me
intoxication never disappointes
the paranoia thinker
craziness performing in its laughter like a drug
as madness greets me professionally
my moments kills every moment with a dry cry
as my patience turns into the pattern of my day...
painfully choosen to this nonesense ...nonelife of this 
dust to dust..with no regrets ...to every step to step.
while my insanity plays a control madness in this play
the days keep appearing as a darken path
as my quietness
fulfills my existence to my Sanity.

In search of .....God.