Poem -

Caught in a riot

Wrong place , Wrong time

Caught in a riot

Holiday plans shattered
Our weekend break to a 
backdrop of fire and broken glass 
An angry mob and faceless police , 
A line behind shields that advances 
No questions asked ....

We must get off this street
But we don't know this City .
Are we safer in the storms eye ?
Will the wave of anarchy wash over & pass by ?
State of curfew and emergency ....

We did emerge , unscathed
We escaped unharmed . 
Now watching from our hotel balcony
A soundtrack of sirens and various burglar alarms
Police and protesters in pitched war .
The Authorities will win 

-We turn back into our room
The evening is beginning to turn , Cold .

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What were the riots about , did u find out?
hey poet and you do depict the scenes very creatively and vividly which turned out an awesome poem for which you deserve kudos.
I like reading n writing real life scenes so this poem is unique.


Chris Bond

Good morning the riots were in Barcelona to do with Catalan separatists wanting independence from Spain and some people imprisoned due to it . Thank you for your kind words about my poem , I've tried to experiment with a shorter poem for my most recent attempt , have you written anything new recently , if so I'd love to read it ! Hoping you find my poem interesting if you do read it and wishing you a happy day , Chris :)