Poem -

Chartreuse on Eaves

Chartreuse on Eaves

Droplets on soffit drip
Awash like tears slip
Emerald sprouted bud
Glorifies sodden mud

Come dance in the rain
Minuette on windowpane
Gently tapping, rapping
Symphonic waters lapping

Windswept crocus creep
Awaken from stasis sleep
Chartreuse patter eaves
Magics cast if one believes

Solstice lassos a sun
Spurs a snowy run
Β Redbreast lilting song
Ides of May spring along

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Anthony Yormesor

Felt like going through a transition. More like a rebirth. Exceptional as always.

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Very beautiful, Lisa!Β  You painted the perfect picture of May and spring and the charm of it....My total respect to your talents. xo ;)