Poem -


I let you into my life
with the hope of becoming your wife
I cooked and cleaned and gave you a home
yet night after night i sat alone.
You started by raising your voice
over silly things, that wasn't nice.
Then we would kiss and make up
within a hour I'd be told to shut up,
things then got steadily worse
you'd scream and shout and curse
and the stupid thing I blamed myself
I kept it inside and didnt ask for help
I changed my hair and lost some weight
hoping that you would love me and not hate,
yet nothing that I did brought you back to me
all I wanted was for you to look and see
 I would have done anything
to be part of you and get that ring
but not this. yet you didn't stop 
you broke my bones I heard each one pop
that's when I realised I had no choice
it was time I had to find my voice.
you packed your bags we moved apart
a time for a clean fresh start
then I heard your spreading your lies
and inside a part of me dies,
the part I wanted you to succeed
now I see you were full of greed
I heard how you brought her here
that for me was the last tear
for you I will ever shed
it sickened me you had her in our bed
the bruises will heal the bones will mend
now I have a life and some friends
the damage that you left will heal
I will once again be able to feel
thank you for what you thought me
that I am stronger than you can see
in a way you gave me strength
I found it at any length
now I have it I shan't let it go
and on my own I continued to grow!