Poem -

cherry blossom ending...

cherry blossom ending...

could you stay with me a little longer?
has the time come for you to leave me already?
even now, I still have so many things to tell you. . .
remember that day? Remember our first kiss?
remember those nights and the parties we’d rather miss?
you. . . you saved me in this lonely life. . .

“As the spring wind blows, the scattering cherry blossom petals
spread out on this street as we walk together…” 

before you it was just me, sitting underneath that
lonely cherry blossom tree outside my mother’s house
oh, how lovely you were to me that one quiet night
spring wind scattering the cherry blossom’s petals
singing in my ear and fluttering along my cheeks
oh, how I’ll miss you when you leave. . .
my life began with you, but I know it can’t end too

every day won’t be the same without you and come
night I’ll wish and cry ~ I’d rather be where you are
dream of me, when you fall away. . . so will I. . . always
i'll stay right here beside you, holding your hands
no one will disturb you while you rest my dear
good night, one last time