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Christmas day was every five years 🌲

Christmas day was every five years 🌲

What an earth does one buy for that someone who has everything.. they’ve got the whole wide world at their feet and they live just like a King.. they don’t read books or fiddle with hand-held gadgets, which is a great pity coz I could have bought that on my Xmas budget

So until I get inspiration I am absolutey stuck, yet this person says he needs nothing more so doesn’t really give a Chicken’s cluck 🤣 well I shall keep searching to seek that something nice, tho feel free to send me suggestions.. I would welcome your advice.. whilst I adore the festive season it can be such a pain, if only Christmas day wasn’t every year it would make it all as right as rain 

I realise the reason for this festive season stems from our Lord who died on the cross and whilst it was all an extremely sad event, I am deeply sorry for his loss, yes I know December twenty fifth was the day that Jesus was born, like the bible tells us, in a stable all forlorn.. but would our Lord and Father of mankind really bother ? if us humans changed his date of celebration to yet another ? well if Christmas day was every five years that could certainly suit me.. just imagine when it came around what a joy that would be..🌲

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