Poem -

Class one nativity 🌲

Little ones all scuttle out 
Nervously in a row
They’ve had many a rehearsal 
So should know their place to go

Susan is playing Mary
Her parents look so proud
Mam hunted out Grandmas head scarf
It makes a perfect shroud

Mam had to put it through the washer
Sue said it had a funny smell
Granny bought it from a jumble sale
But Sue looked the part so well

So Mary Oh so angelic
With her cloak made from a sheet
Stood at the front on her own
Wearing nothing on her feet

Then Michael Marr, he was Joseph
Slightly taller than Sue
He put his arm around her waist
Tho he hadn’t wanted to

Both of them looked so cute
There was silence in the hall
Mrs Turner the first class teacher
Stood prompting queues from the backwall

There was tiny angels, shepherds & three kings 
All on that stage
Peter Morton the naughtiest boy
Was in a seething rage

He had wanted to play Joseph
But he never got the part
Mischief was his downfall
So he was an innkeeper from the start

“Have you a room for us”
Josheph belted out
Teacher told him to speak clearly
So he did with a shout

“No room at all” Tiny voices could be heard
Mary stood looking hopeful
Though she never said a word

Then Peter gave a yell
“I have a small barn, 
you can share it with my animals
They may help to keep you warm”

All the audience gave a laugh
& a few even clapped
Peter felt so pleased with himself
At just how they did react

So the nativity play passed over complete with a rapturous applause
Class one was hurdled back on the stage
They all bowed & got encores

Headmaster summoned a cheer
To all the children in the play
Thanked the audience for their attendence
Then three rounds of  hip hip hooray

So though Peter Morton had another part
He certainly joined in like the rest
Infact judging by the crowd reaction
That innkeeper was the best 


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