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Cloud cuckoo land 🤣

Cloud cuckoo land 🤣

If you go to Cuckoo land
You won’t know you’ve been there
Could get up to all kinds of mischief
You would’nt have a care

The people are really nice
They will take care of you
& clean up all your mess 
Its not something you’d do

You could streak about on the grass
I think it really could be class
Just try Cuckoo land, you’d have a gas!!!

They would give you a bath
Run cream on if you had a chaff
I think you may well get a laugh
At Cuckoo land today 😁

If you’d had your tea but you’d already ate
You just say you must have missed it
Make on that you’d been too late

So if you fancy a holiday
Just turn up & demand to stay
It will be free, won’t have to pay
Cuckoo land if you know the way!!!

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A Lonely Journey

That's wonderful! I've been there, and just loved it. I used to pretend I didn't have my tea, and would consume 39 cups a day. It was great...until I had to go to the bathroom(do you know what it's like to try to get a straightjacket off after 39 cups of tea??!!). 
And the chaffing! Wonderful stuff. More liniment, please!! I miss Cuckoo land! 

Thanks for posting that! 
Loved it! 


Jill Tait

Heehee ay both my parents ended up in that!! Senile  demenia & Alziemers so theres no hope for me 🤣🤣

A Lonely Journey

My parent's didn't have any children, so I don't have to worry about that. 
You're fum, my friend. Thanks for wackying up my day! 


Cherie Leigh

HI Jill.....It may be possible that I lice there and don't know it...lol....Very original funny write...I enjoyed....I think..lol  xo :0

A Lonely Journey

Hi Cheerie, 
I don't like to interject on other people's commentization, but I feel it's my duty to do so at times. So, if you do lice there, they have a store there where you can buy a wonderful lice-deterring shampoo, called Lice Away. It works great. You may have to have someone apply it(due to your beautiful, Gucci straightjacket(very sharp)), but it works well. (just trying to help). 
LOL. Kidding! I don't mean to pick, but you're soooooo much fun, and so cute. Please don't be mad, I type like a hippo with arthritic nostrils, and make mistakes all the time, but I had to kid you about your 'lice' debacle. 
Don't be mad! 

PS. I agree that you live there, if it helps. Thx.