Poem -

Comfortably uncomfortable

When i was younger
Id get this feeling of helplessness
It took me places
Id never travel in groups
Of troubled waves
And killer whales
And scary dreams
Everywhere, even once my own Hell
And whenever this was the case
I was always by myself
Now that im older
The place has conformed to me
It hasnt been as offensive
Maybe caise its changed me
And should i be afraid
Knowing that this is where my
Nightmares came from
I no longer dream this world
It has come for me
And i have accepted it
Embraced the fact that
This would could be my fate
Not that im a bad person
But now this world, i can take
Cause its all real
And the things chasing me,
Beating me, bruising me,
Mending the broken pieces
Before shattering them again,
They dont bring me as much pain
They dont even hurt me the same
But inside i still cry
For the girl that needed more
Than this world could ever give her
For the kid that had to get with it
Cause they couldnt run from it
For the baby with no control
Thats its mom threw away
For the bastards that are reminded
Day in and day out
How theyll never be shit
Cause at the end of the day
This is the world they get..

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