Poem -

Confidence In My Hidden Voice

I like to sing aloud to the world, when I'm standing all alone. 
I feel confident in myself, seeing no one is around. 

I'm afraid I'll touch the souls, of the ones who listen in.
When I let go all of my, inner demons from within.

I never knew what it'd be like, to feel like I am worth it all. 
Every time I seem to cry, when I don't keep up my walls.

My heart made purely of divine gold, yet it seems a burden to me. 
It’s clearly enough to weigh me down, to make me fall right to my knees.

I never felt worthy enough, to free my delicate symphony.
But the time has now come, I need someone to hear me. 

I'm not proud of who I was, but I'm proud of who I've been. I've been hiding for so long, now I need to be seen. 

For the first time I am strong, to let the world know who I am. I was scared at first but the time has come, for you to know my name.


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hold your head high, T!  I like the passion felt in your words to finally find your hidden voice and know who you are to share with others...There is such power in that!  ;) xo   

Simon Bromley

Your writes get better with effort.  Your ink is truly inspiring and intriguing.  Well done.