Poem -

Could Never

Could Never

Am I sick or just terrified
Break into my bones and swallow my substance
Or don't.
A soul so pure and innocent
Could never endure such torture

I attend a front row screening
Each demon with my face attached
Ingrained into my reality I
Could never distinguish the difference

Eyes closed or open
Even my closest lovers
Could never recognize this implosion

Constantly, I contemplate my sanity
My mind contains cowardly city
A million mortals in population,
Squeezed in an oxygen depleted jar,
Could never gasp for breath

Has my compassion been stripped away
Or just hidden, like buried treasure incapable of discovery
Weak limbs and unstable rationality
Could never unearth such depth

Mental infiltration is a catastrophic mistake
My embodiment of suffering compasses the untouched
Enrolled within a recruitment where human life
Could never escape


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Gerard McGowan

Wow, brilliant wording going on here, great read. What is your inspiration?. Welcome to cosmo.


Digging the depth and self analysis

Patrick Paul

"Mental infiltration is a catastrophic mistake" deep!