Poem -


Countdown to Death
10 is for When, when will that day come,
The day I go to Heaven to meet my dad and mum.
9 is for Mine, my life to account for and not complain,
My many bad deeds and broken promises to explain.
8 is for the Pearly Gate, will it open to let me in?
I will have to see if I get to meet my kith and kin.
7 is for my place in Heaven, I hope I have one there,
A fluffy cloud of my own, to stay without a care.
6 is for my Pics, a huge collection to go through,
To find the perfect photo in remembrance to view.
5 is for no longer Alive, no breath left to take,
I hope I didn't die in pain, please, for God's sake.
4 is for Gore, I hope I won't be full of blood and cuts,
Or be mangled and wounded showing loads of guts.
3 is for Free, my soul is free to flee and roam,
Released from my earthly body in search of my Eternal home.
2 is for all of You, please think of me whenever you can,
That's all I ask, and I will be a happy and contented man.
1 is for Done, my life is over for sure you see,
The Countdown is done, the Countdown to Death for me.

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al Bikaadi

Many find the idea confronting, but making peace with the fact of mortality is a powerfully emancipating step.