Poem -

Cruel and Deadly Rejection

When she rejected me, she was very cruel and she was somebody who I killed.
When she was through talking, you don't want to know how she made me feel.
I grabbed her by the throat and threw her down the stairs.
Because of her cruel rejection, I feel no remorse, I don't care.
She said that no woman in her right mind could love a loser like me.
She said that I'm stupid and that only insane women would disagree.
She said that I'm so ugly that I couldn't have a woman even if I had incredible wealth.
She said the world would be better off without me and that I should go kill myself.
I lost all self control because of her cruel words and I couldn't take such crap.
When I threw her down the stairs, it gave me pleasure to hear her neck snap.
The police have looked for the killer but haven't learned that it is me.
It has been six years since I killed her and I may have gotten off scot-free.
If you're a woman and you decide to reject me, I'm begging you to be nice.
Because if you're as cruel as her, I'll lose self control and you'll pay the price. 

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