Poem -

Crumbling Dreams

Crumbling Dreams

Crumbling dreams of basalt stone,
All but memories of Camelot throne.
Graveplot fields of battles fought,
Visions of laurel with spoils sought.

Windsongs lament earthbound soul,
Bewail plight of doomsday toll.
Tattered flags wave behind,
Ghostly warmongers aligned.

Everafter battling medieval-war,
Across Highlands besieged shore
Folktales, dragons, and noble knight,
For honor, prestige, andΒ thrill of aΒ fight.

History books nary write a story,
Of times past in search of glory.
But fabled knights shiny armor steel,
Echoes of mayhem beyond surreal.

Of moorland lavish riches untold
Where epic carnage alas unfold
Romantic notions of times past,
Where dreams aspire but never last.

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Simon Bromley

Very imaginative and very well written enjoyed.

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi LIsa...I love this because my mind always returns to the past medieval days when I think of stories and lore...I love the who general feel of the days of glory and clashing steel blades of battle and the wistful dreams of love and romantic escapades of the day....History may keep being made and leave the past behind, but not the saved memories in stories and poetry that keep them alive.Β  Great write. xo ;)

Johnathan Kavanaugh

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