Poem -

Crystal meth

When the first choice you make, 

Is enevidely wrong, 

But keep going back too listen to that song. 

The memories it holds is a reminder real fast,

The quickest way out,

Will shatter like glass. 

I can lay dormant in bodies for days,

Your mind will be thinking in so many ways.

I give you strength that makes you so weak,

Folding your arms, 

In utter disbelief.

Hang onto the next part,

This could take weeks,

But I'll let down your guard, 

And start to change your beliefs. 

By now I'm starting to change the ways,

The difference upon you,

The feeling of rage. 

The first one is always only a test, 

Try me again, that's when i work best. 

The feeling I've now got you locked in a cage, 

You start to lose everything, 

And frap on for days.

I get defensive and hang onto my pain, 

My family feels nothing, 

Then i get the the blame. 

What the fuck are you doing inside of my brain, 

Is there anything left there, 

Amongst the scattered remains. 

What the fuck are you doing

Except washing away,

All the good in my pride is now out there to stay.

It's a way of living without a vertebrae, 

Or anything that resembles,

The person you are today.

What the fuck am i left with but memories of pain, 

In all sorts of confusion, 

In all sorts of fucked up ways.

What you can no longer hide you wear on your sleeve,

As a badge of honour, 

To everyone's disgust in what they see.

I hate that your past the point of delusion, 

Living these days in my complete illusion.

Your heart that beats in your wondering chest,

Is tainting the image for what the fuck you have left. 

So try and tell me you love your new life,

That I'm not addictive and this drug isn't right. 

I hate your guts you're fucking game,

Without a whistle to blow,

To shut down again.

Instantly you start to count the days,

Until one by one you sleep again. 

This is the last time that I'll ever use,

Stick a needle in my arm and shoot up your juice.

TRY stay away from me if you dare,

But i will find you, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. 

You decide who is control,

How good i am at playing the role.

You have fucked through me and left me in content, 

That the best way I can live, 

Is with crystal meth....

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