Poem -

Freedom of redemption

So far away is the freedom,
I mourn out for everyday,

A second chance at redemption,
Cannot be too far away.

In leaps and bounds I take on board,
In the hope I'll finally get somewhere,

Every wrong direction so far I've taken,
No more of this I can bare.

At night I hear my heart beat,
When everyone else is asleep,

The only time I am not a hostage,
To the crumbling sound of defeat.

Too scared to look over my shoulder,
As I'll so clearly see behind,

The mess of all the destruction,
Is all left there to find.

Some days are better then others,
Some days I cannot bare,

Barely am I able to hold on,
But it all only seems just fair.

Afraid I'm passed the point in life,
Where what's done has no return,

Every chance I was ever given,
But the hard way is how I had to learn.

When karma turns to bite you,
To even out the past,

It's best too look it in the face,
And to deal with it all at last.

Today is just another chance,
For me to make mistakes,

I'll hold on the best I know how to,
As I need to let go of all this hate.

I am just a single story,
It's no wonder this world is fucked,

When given a chance, u take by choice,
And try best to wing your luck.

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