Poem -

Lost souls

It's when we sit with the silence, 
Into to the distance we stare,

You begin finally to release, 
All the mess i have shared.

Our souls are connected, 
Our hearts are in pair,

But they beat out of pattern, 
Leaving you too wonder if i care.

Oceans apart and world's away,
Undeniably you were put to the test,

The challenge remains to let go of the blame,

Striving with honour to front with your best.

I can give you back no time,
I can never make amends,

But that lonely road you still travel, 
Has it any room for a new friend. 

Mistakes they seem to matter, 
As will such bitterness always last, 

But finally can you have the answers, 

To the question you always wanted to ask.

In time may the forgiveness,
Be earnt with any grace,

When you accept all of the decisions,

That lead to all of my mistakes. 

My sons I truly love you,
I'm Undeniably sorry for all the mess, 

As your father always loved you,
But failed ever too impress.

Your sorrow speaks with the sadness, 

That much will never go away, 

But we can only make the changes,

We need to live with the truth today. 

Tomorrow may never happen and we cannot change the past,

So today is now all we can live for,
As forever never last.

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