Poem -

Cupid Thorn

Cupid Thorn

CupidΒ deity of carnal lust,
Lethal bull's eye fervent thrust.
Cherub lances deep abreast,
Carnage depletes a stung chest.

Pluck heartstrings softly tender,
On knees, resignedly surrender.
Fragile heart precarious disclose,
Drive pivotal to lover's pose.

Scribe poetry, via impaled pain.
Composed by love's attain,
Fragrant ambrosia drips,
Sentiment keen on poised lips.

Droplets descend bittersweet,
Essence's rouge at thine feet.
Bloom flourishes and grows,
Silken blush nosegay arose.

Bear earnest fleet bouquet,
Hasten not a heart to betray.
Unrequited succumbs weed borne,
Fatal tis zeal spurned by scorn.

Drink deep of quim rose,
Lust evanescent as it flows.
Cherish posy thorn vine,
Savor nectar of petalΒ wine.

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Cherie Leigh

Awww...I will never think of Cupid the same!Β  Love's pluck upon our heartstrings changes us forever.....Great imagery, Lisa....Love can certainly be painful too, with Cupid's thorn thrust.Β  Original write. Love it.Β  xo ;)

Tony Taylor

WOW!!....." Drink deep of quim rose..."......I had to look up 'quim'......I Love it when I get to learn new words....... this is a STUNNINGLY moving piece Lisa.......I have to agree with C here ~ you've definitely changed my immediate perception of CUPID with truly powerful imagery and phrasing!! ........PINNED!!....smokin' grooves dear poet sister!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo πŸ§βœ΄β€πŸ‘€

Simon Bromley

Brilliant throughout Lisa.Β  Loved it. Sorry not been around for few days i have ill.Β  Ill have to play catch up.

Ian William

Splendid from start to finish. Keep those arrows in flight.