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Dan’s life is a blast!!

Dan’s life is a blast!!

She waved as she watched her beloved leave the sandy shore
In his wooden boat with his fishing nets and the salty sea roar
Each and every day except a Sunday she would stand
watching her husband sail away from the land
They had been married now for five years or more and she loved her little cottage right on the seashore
She could see the ships on the horizon from her window with the view
and when her daily chores were done well that’s exactly what she would do
Today was just an ordinary day with a gentle breeze a’blowing as she watched him going

So she made the bed, hoovered and dusted then she baked her breads which were always nicely browned and crusted
Her morning passed fast with her housework done but now the kettle was on and her time to sit in the midday sun
Just lately she hadn’t been feeling her best so her suspicions were confirmed when she took a pregnancy test
Only yesterday she bought one of those latest hand-held kits
So as soon as her hubby was away she got out all of the bits
She would find out herself before she told her Dan coz he would have been up all night he was an excitable man

She calmed herself down with another cup of tea 
trying to get her head around that the two of them would soon be three
Well out on the ocean Dan was feeling content he had landed more fish than usual so it was a day well spent
He turned the boat around and he headed for home
It was a long tiresome day but he loved the briney foam
As he reached the shore there was his wife 
What a happy home he had with a marvellous life
As soon as he moored up she was stood standing with a smile
There was a something different about her it stuck out by a mile

“I have some news for you we have a little’un on the way but it’s only early days, I just found out today”
Well he was right and he was as pleased as punch so he would get hiself a shower and they would go out for lunch
So they celebrated in style with some fine wine and gourmet dine 
He was gonna look after his Bella tho she insisted she felt fine
Now eight months has past fast and baby Thomas is here at last
Their life will never be the same again but watching him grow into a fine young man will be a brilliant blast

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Jill...What an exciting life for a husband and wife that live at sea...to find out their family will soon be three!  Lol  I love happy endings...sigh...Lovely narrative.  I enjoyed. xo Love n Hugs 

Jill Tait

Awww again I thought id ruined this one as not dramatic enough but hey Thanks my lovely little ⭐️