Poem -

Dark End

Dark End

Cruor stained handle and grip,
Betwixt ichor of cadaver and clip.
In murk and shadows skulk away,
Sanguinary, commit affray.

Slumped defunct in sombre,
Sirens not much longer.
Outline etched, sequestered,
Morbid of misery festered.

Succumbed to covetous tendencies,
Serial of occurrences.
Relinquish morality,
Victim of blow and savagery.

Gendarmerie on scene,
Inspect, respect, obscene.
Lifeless midst surreal of motive,
Null of revere sustained of emotive.


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Imtisal Fatima

Shivering write Simon!
Every Single Word was perfect!

Cruor stained handle and grip

Super intricately written! Like instead of just saying holding the bloodstained knife you said cruor stained handle and grip! That was just an example.
I'm so super blown away lol

Simon Bromley

Thank you Mitsali so much.Β  Just fancied something different glad you enjoyed.

Tony Taylor

Dude!!.....I don't often say this ......but I made a couple of trips to the Thesaurus while ingesting this piece of poetic Sherlockery!!....smiles.....well maybe that's pushing a little too far...... but nonetheless.... quite unique in its appeal!!...... more smiles!!.......T xo 🐧✴❀😊

Simon Bromley

Lol thanks Tony was doing my daily read of the dictionary and brushing up my vocabulary glad you enjoyed.