Poem -

Darker Shade of Indigo

Darker Shade of Indigo

Stardust slips through neon silk
A silvery sheen of mother's milk
Nuggets of planets align
A candy-coated shine

Stellar rings, golden spoons
Alongside orbis moons.
Darker shade of purple hue
Canvas smeared indigo-blue

Oranges, saffron, crescent rolls,
Lest we forget dusky holes
A moon of Swiss cheese
Eye-candy quick as you please

Obsessive edibles it’d seem
Outer-space an astral dream
Milkyway, pixie-dust, mars bars
Melding amid iridescent stars

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Silent Dreamer

I just ate and now I'm hungry again!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ I wish I had all this food.. hahaha. Love this, an amazingly written piece about two of the best things in life.. nature and food😍

I so love the image too lol!Β 

Mitsali Fatima

Oh my gosh! I loved this one :)
It's so full of awesome imagery and it's so vibrant!