Poem -

Death's Knock

He walks in  the shadows
in the midnight hour
Holding a white sheet
that bounds my name
For the sand deep in
the hour glass he holds
Marks the time the souls
shall have internal sleep
For he is the keeper of the
dark black abyss

Collecting the lost souls
of the past and present
He hears the screams 
that shout from below
The white mist swirls around
with each step he takes
As he slowly moves to the
next victim he strikes out

He knocks at my door
with a gentle tapping
As I slowly open the door
my eyes are in a trance
I stare deep into the darkness
as I known my time has come
Sweat pours down this white
pale face of mine

For my time has come to
follow death to the abyss
I say goodbye cold dark
hateful world
My time has come to have
everlasting sleep
No more pain to scar
this heart of mine 


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Shorty Green

Very scary poem puts chills up my spine reading this x