Poem -

Deconstructed wastes

Our thoughts and memories
Of our once beautiful ecology
Leave us haunted and lost
Walking among the ferns and undergrowth
Of a forested consciouness awakened 
To a supernatural primordial realm 
Of preternatural storm like chiaroscuro skies
And green verdancy glowing 
As if in a post apocalyptic armaggedon scene
A mysterious ecological nightmarish dream
Where colours stream from trees into streams
And roots are formed into matrix like fibrous conductors
Evergreen volcanic eruptors of leaf mold and decay
Putting on a rustic woodland displays
As lights dance like imps and ancient wraiths
Sending us Spiraling into the deconstructed wastes
Lost forever in our own imaginations of which we forsake
And we don't realise until its too late. 

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