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Degrading Teacher

Degrading Teacher

Teacher, teach me all that you know, in a way it was easy for you to learn.
If not easy for me, as it seems to you
please, learn how to reach me. 
I'm incapable to understand how you do. 
We are not the same.

So instead of getting frustrated with the assumptions that I cannot make this grade; 
to the degree you
know, help me, understand. 

This class is hard because I haven't found a way of studying it. 
And once I find my way, it then becomes easier to understand. 

In my effort to ask, I am not quitting my search for the answer. 

I'm trusting you to find...Teacher. 

I'm eager to learn what may not come easy, but to Humble my pride putting it to my side, 
to learn what's right.
It takes courage, determination, Insight, 

a huge amount of respect I have for you, to ask. 

Which overall in Life shapes me, 
how you treat me, how you teach me in search on subjects which we discussed. 

I will come to find out, 
I will then acknowledge my memory of us, 
and return grading you on your effort to teach. 

Thanking, or not thanking you.

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Well written angel 

Tony Taylor

Amen to that dear poet sister!!...... Teachers have had such a profound affect on my life as I am sure that they have on SO many lives!!.... To this day, I still go back and visit old teachers I had some 40 years ago!!.... most of them are very old but they ALWAYS appreciate a visit from a former student....... this is a VERY insightful piece of poetic prose!!...... Well conceived and uniquely your own!!......ALL STARS!!.... well done AMBER!!.....LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo 👌✴❤

Amber Cano

Thank you, this was inspired by my cousin, her teacher made a rude comment when she asked a question. It discouraged her and embarrassed her in front of everyone. I was hurt when she told me this, and it brought me back to a place when I was in class scared to say I don’t know and understand. It takes courage to ask for help and these teachers we trust, we need to be able to trust and feel safe. We are delicate human beings and we are all vulnerable when learning and asking for help, and I will have to ask again so don’t make me fear asking when I already fear not knowing. I love all teachers who truly help and love us. Thank you kindly for your stars, likes and comment. Keeping in touch let’s them know what great teachers they are and how much they make a diffence. Their impact on us is always in our minds and hearts. We forever appreciate how It builds us. 


Hello Amber...

There are Teachers who do it  and it's a job...

There's Teachers that take time to teach...

The first will probably recommend Counseling, Tutors, or an easier class...

They haven't figured out that children are all different and each one learns different...

Some may be good in English while others struggle, same with math or any other subject outside of the Cafeteria...

Great write!

Thank you for  sharing...





Wow sister poet These piece can teach so much to our educators and inspire students. The emotion behind wanting to learn something is incredible. I only imagen how difficult and frustrating it must be. To ask for help and get the help but Maybe just not the way it works with you. Everyone is different. 
awesome write god bless.

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