Poem -


Head in the vice
held by the hands of heaven
drooling advice
chewing the running chatter
spikes and scabs
raise the crowded platter

Heading west
when east slides into my chest
Β see the shadows drawing
pretty tiny moments
only to be crushed by a jealous
desires ranting movements

sit very still she says
keeping your death humble in every vein
mother went
dripping scented oils
all along the invested road

Dirty polluted shrouds
hanging on broken flagging poles
creased the flesh gathers its final charge
hidden behind the cyclops
suicide is harvesting inside

Photographs in the ironies plastic casket
was life only thinner then
deserted deserts
collide in mercuryΒ 

a prayer is crawling
the words were chosen
tear gas is falling
humanity is frozen
as deadly rocks
chip away


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Tony Taylor

My God T!!!....you are so friggin' good it causes the evil hairs of jealousy to rise up on the back of my neck!!......I LOVE Joan Baez!!.... and I'd LOVE to take a crack at putting music to these most astonishingly gorgeous words of yours!!.......PINNED!!.....you're AMAZING my friend!!....... talk soon!!......LOVE and ROCKETS!!.......T xo πŸ˜Šβœ΄πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΆ

terry terri ZO

please feel free to add musicΒ 
or even custard-thanks for your very kind words
Joans eyes break my soul xx